Best Moments in Dallas Cowboy History

cowboysOn Roll Since 1960

The Dallas Cowboys are either loved or hated by people all over the United States. You may absolutely adore them or you might despise them.

It does not matter because this is a team that has been on a roll since the year 1960. It is safe to claim that the Cowboys have indeed continued to roll along in the ocean of success. They capture the attention of many.

This team has had many noteworthy moments throughout history. These are exceptional moments that have proven to exhilarate everyone.

The Dallas Cowboys were founded in the year 1960. This team has been led by legends right from the start. A few of the iconic legends include the following:

These are just a few of the noteworthy names who have kept the Cowboys rolling in the sea of success.

The Top Moments

The very top moments have been selected and they can be qualified as the very best in the Dallas Cowboy history. There may be varied opinions about the best moments only because there have been so many great moments in their history. These are moments that have been narrowed down by enthusiastic fans from all walks of life. They are memorable and more than noteworthy. The very best moments include the following:

Staubach’s Hail Mary

This is an extraordinary play. This is a pass from Roger Staubach. It was the year 1975 and there were only 24 seconds remaining. The pass from Staubach to Drew Pearson took place. This is one of the most famous plays for the Cowboys. This was the playoff game with the Vikings. The Cowboys needed to gain leverage because it appeared to be a game that would be a loss. Staubach launched a last minute bomb. It was Pearson who caught it. He was able to do this with one hand on his hip. He trapped it. Then came the dance into the end zone. This is the game that thrilled everyone with a 17-14 victory.  It’s one of the reasons I think he’s the greatest Cowboy QB of all time.

Tony Dorsett’s 99 Yard TD Run

Most will recall Tony Dorsett and the amazing scamper; this is the 99-yard touchdown run. This occurred on January 3, 1983. The regular Monday night fans saw this NFL piece of history. Dorsett broke off the longest rush in NFL history at 99-1/2 yards. This is a record that can never be broke. There might come a day when this record may be tied, but you can’t get any longer. This is a run that is indeed a classic and has earned the right to be listed among the best moments in the Cowboy’s history.

Who could ever forget Lilly’s Super Sack? This play involved Bob Lilly and Super Bowl VI. Mr. Cowboy himself, Bob Lilly, is still known as a very talented defensive tackle. He was chasing Miami Dolphin quarterback Bob Griese. The bobbing and the weaving began. The level of excitement rose to a full throttle. The end result was a 29-yard loss. This is an exceptional moment to be savored. The Super Bowl Champions had emerged.
These are just the start of the very best moments in the history of the Dallas Cowboys.