Greatest Quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboy History

Greatest Cowboy QBsThe Dallas Cowboys are a storied NFL team with a rich history of Hall of Fame players and great moments. The most important position and player for the Cowboys has always been the quarterback. These are the best QB’s in Dallas history:

1. Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach is my number one Cowboy quarterback of all time. He and Troy Aikman battled it out for number one, but Roger gets the title. He and Aikman are very similar in their statistics, but Roger has the edge in, a few areas. Even though Aikman won three Super Bowls to Staubach’s two, Staubach went to the Super Bowl four times. Staubach also has a higher career passer rating. But my vote goes to Roger in this close race since I believe he is the fan favorite.  Blogging the Boys agrees with me.

2. Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman is the most recent Cowboy quarterback to go to a Super Bowl and win. He has won it three times. I had a difficult time in deciding who would be number one, Aikman or Staubach, but statistically Roger seemed a little better with his slightly higher passer rating, and they both have the same number of playoff win with eleven each. Troy has thrown for more yards and has scored more touchdown that Staubach, but that is only because Aikman played longer. It was a close race, but Troy gets the number two spot.  Cheat Sheet however thinks Aikman should be No. 1.

3. Tony Romo

Romo is an easy pick for third place in the all time Cowboy quarterback roundup. He’s a big reason our season predictions are so high on Dallas.  He has not won a Super Bowl or even gotten to one. He is a great leader for the Cowboys and they don’t have much success without him. But, he always seems to make some mistake in the late part of the season to cost the Cowboys the playoffs, and that is frustrating to me.

4. Don Meredith

Don Meredith was there from the very beginning for the Cowboys. One of my favorite Cowboys players of all time, he was also a great TV commentator. He wasn’t a starter from the onset of his career, but once he got going he got the Cowboys to playoffs each year.

5. Danny White

It is hard replacing someone like Roger Staubach, but that’s what White had to do. He was Roger’s backup and when Staubach left, the role of started when to Danny White. He did throw for a lot of yards, over 20,000 but was never able to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. He was reliable for the short time he was the starter.

Don’t worry.  I didn’t forget about the defense.  Here are my top 5 defenders in Cowboy history.


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